We Help You Connect

The Hudson County Office of Business Opportunity (HCOBO) is your direct conduit to local, state, and federal business opportunities. Our network of government, nonprofit and business partners provides you with the tools you need to grow. Contact us today to get started.

The HCOBO understands that businesses want to CONNECT with their customers and, as an office focused on business services, you are our customer. We help you identify county resources and grow your customer base. Under a new County ordinance, the HCOBO pursues new ways to connect with business— allowing us to leverage our findings from business interactions and impact business resource allocations; this includes the creation of more local funding opportunities.

We Help You Get Certified

Becoming a CERTIFIED business means that you have met a requisite standard of compliance that makes you eligible for competitive advantages and new opportunities.

When securing a certification from the government or the private sector, your company’s ability to compete for exclusive contracting opportunities improves. The HCOBO provides businesses with the direction they need to identify which certifications best fit their business model and provide the best financial prospects.

We Help You Network

The more linked you are to your professional NETWORK, the more you can achieve. Leveraging your professional relationships lead to growth and innovation—a key component of business expansion and a diverse customer base. The HCOBO can connect you to our network of resources and business professionals that help identify new markets for your business to pursue.

We Help You Get Contracts

Under the County’s new “Set-Aside” ordinance the HCOBO works in tandem with the County Purchasing Agent to identify CONTRACT opportunities awarded by quote or competitive procurement and recommends the issuance of “Set-Aside” opportunities; this is a competitive process where only certified businesses can compete for 10% of the County’s total spending on all goods and services. We also facilitate increased local business participation in state, federal and private sector opportunities.

We Help You Navigate

Obstacles and challenges in your journey through business are inevitable; the HCOBO can help you NAVIGATE them. Whether you are a start-up; an established business looking to grow or a business looking to diversify your customer base, let the HCOBO help you identify the right resources to assist you in getting there.