Hudson County OBO: Focused on Opportunities for Growth

Hudson County small business owners are innovators, job creators and service and goods providers who fuel the regional economy. To help these businesses grow, HCOBO offers counseling, connections, and access to a variety of opportunities, including:


Advice on Becoming Certified 

Attaining Minority Business Enterprise, Women Business Enterprise, Veteran Business Enterprise or Small Business Enterprise certification can provide a competitive advantage and open the door to new opportunities in the government and private sectors. HCOBO can provide direction in identifying which certifications best suit your business.


Linkages to Opportunities and Resources
Hudson County awards millions of dollars in contracts for goods and services. By ordinance, 10% is set aside for small businesses, especially those owned by minorities, women, and veterans. HCOBO works with the County Purchasing Agent to identify and recommend the issuance of “Set-Aside” opportunities. 


Additionally, HCOBO assists start-ups and established businesses in identifying the resources that can aid in growing and/or diversifying their small businesses. 


Beneficial Connections

HCOBO will share the value of our partnerships and resources in government and the private sector with you through online and in-person opportunities, including webinars, seminars, trainings, networking events and more.